Tuesday, January 15, 2008


A very funny thing is happening in my office today, my MD came up with an idea of rotating his office among all employees of the company, which means, for a particular day Kamal will be the MD/CEO and another day Ola will call the shots, Felix, Mobolaji, Yemisi, Joy, Tola and all will eventually take their turns. In a funny twist of events, the lot fell on me to be the first "CHAIRMAN" as we refer to the CEO in my office.

Seated on the Chairman's seat, a lot of thoughts gushed through my heart all at once, I am wondering what my MD thought of before deciding to give all of us a run out of the highest office in the company, I am wondering now that if this truly happens and by a stroke of "luck" I find myself in this position if am prepared enough to put up a "Tour de Force"

A lot rise and fall on preparation, it doesn't matter if you have the talent for it, but if you are not prepared for it you can never be exceptional at it. While we earnestly look forward to that position we dream of , a question that should remain pertinent on our hearts is, how prepared are we? The office of a CEO is one I dream of and I know I will be one day but am I prepared for it? or at best am I preparing for it.

Preparation is all important because it prepares you for the burden of the crown. Unknown to many of us carrying the cross of preparation helps us stand strong enough to bear the weight of the crown because the crown is heavier than the cross. It takes more discipline, more and more of everything. The standard will never be lower because you are now in a higher office, so if you can not follow through the pains of preparations now, how will you be able to survive in that day?

I have said enough, let me go back to work, don't forget am the Chairman at least for today.


Which Way Nigeria? said...

Nice one!
You can give your boss the sack, if you have that much power.

Abi na ceremonial Chair you be?
If that is the case then you guys had better get on with work and leave the big man to his game (chair).

Allwell, enjoy it while it last.

ODODO said...

Nice article.... I hope the exercise does a lot in preparing you for the future.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

So many lessons to learn...all will not be revealed to you at once.

just you wait and see