Thursday, January 17, 2008

One day as Chairman

Sobriety, humility and patience are some of the words that marked my 1day stay in the highest office in Generis Solutions.

I came quite early to the office but just couldn’t go into that sacred office until I was able to gather enough courage from my colleagues. The day turned out a Training session to me because I never had the time to get involved in some frivolities that I would have been involved in naturally. I talked less, ate less, did everything in moderation because I was conscious of the dignity that should be attached to that office.

I discovered another aspect of my personality today just because I was still, meeeeeeeeen silence is golden! I was also able to think through on so many thoughts that existed as just rough ideas in my mind. I had the privilege of meeting with the CEO of a company and I gave my best business presentation ever; she was tripped that she couldn’t hide it.

I have been asking myself this question “If 1 day could very productive just because I concentrated, then how would it be if I determine to live my life like this on a daily basis? Then I will be Unstoppable, truly Unlimited” How I wish to live my life as though the Camera and the Microphone were perpetually turned on; this helps me fall in line even when I would have derailed.

It’s 6.25pm, it’s been a full day wearing the crown, how I wish my colleagues know how heavy the crown weighs so that they can carry their crosses well before picking up this crown.

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They'll know soon enuff and I'm talking from experience.

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