Monday, January 14, 2008

New Naija

As I prepared to write this post, sequel posts came to mind. I just discovered that more than 50% of my posts on this blog have been about Nigeria; It's either I asked a question as in "Nigeria, How Far?" Or I give a clue into the prophetic destiny of my great country as in "The Nigeria Of My Dreams" and several other posts. One thing however has been the central theme of all these posts, I believe so much that this state called Naija will work, it doesn't matter how many things have gone wrong, Nigeria is not doomed! "God pass dem". I know we are so blessed yet so stressed, I know we can not guarantee an average Nigerian the basic things of life, I know that most Nigerian live below 1 dollar per day, does it matter? It really doesn't matter that the Power Holding Company Of Nigeria holds the the power more than necessary, Nigeria will work!

In my last post I hinted about an idea that would soon be hatched. It's no longer news that idea has not only be hatched, a new dawn is here for Nigerians and all the lovers of Nigeria; It has come in the mould of the New Naija Club.

The New Naija Club is an association of a group of people determined to always keep the vision of New Nigeria on the front burner.

The New Nigeria Dream : A Nigeria that is value driven and prosperous. A Nigeria that is one of the most desirable places to live on earth. A land of opportunity, of freedom and of hope. A Land where the strong help the weak, where everyone has the opportunity to be their best. A Nation that’s the envy of the world.

Watch out! a New Nigeria is emerging and all hands are on deck. We are joining resources, we are spreading a positive epidemic, we are constantly brainstorming on ideas, we are well aware that the New Nigeria Project will take so much from us, but we are not only ready to spend, we are ready to be spent for this cause.

Long Live New Naija Club!

Long Live Naija!!

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goldenchyld said...

it's a wonderful idea.i also wish to see this dream come true.Naija is the only pride of Africa. long live Naija club! Long live naija!