Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Live In Dubai

I have spent the last 9days in Dubai, in the comapny of colleagues and my Chairman. Those few days have not just been interesting and enjoyable, they have also been very revealing.

I had the privilege of visiting some historical sites in Dubai and it became all the more shocking for me when I discovered that these folks discovered Oil almost the same time like we did in Nigeria but the successive Leaders have been visionary enough to judiciously use the resources to build a city that stands today as a wonder to the whole world; the influx of people of all Race and Tribe can only further butress my point that Dubai is way ahead in terms of development.

There couldnt have been a better city for us to choose for the assignment we came for ( you will get the gist about that later, once the plans are hatched).

One of the resolutions I made during my trip to Dubai is to make sure to keep my blog current and up-to-date and also make sure that here alot of goodies will be continually served- so help me God.

P.S. I will do a complete post on my Dubai journey when I get to Nigeria- Lots of Pictures


Calabar Gal said...

Still waiting for the pictures you promised. Happy New Year!

New Naija Advocate said...

@ Calabar gal- will do due diligence to make those pictures come up before weekend. Thanks