Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Impacting the lives of others

" What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you"

Mike Murdock

It's been quite a while since I updated my blog, no thanks to the bad networks at the cybercafes where I have twice tried to do so, added to this is the change that has been happening to me. This change saw me moving from my former company to my new job, sorry I didnt keep you informed of all these changes.
I think it would be very unfair if I refuse to blog on a day like this, when love is been shared all over the world; so I will like to use this medium to extend my love to all of you who have made my sojourn on the checkered pavement of mortality worth a fruitful voyage. This valentine day, I will like to share a secret that can take you to the top ten times faster than you ever thought.
Making contributions into the lives of others is a secret so many people have failed to explore, we live in a world that tends to make you self- centred; you hear stuffs like " my car, my phone, my house etc. Not so many people take time out to know what's up with their neighbours and fellow beings, yet I have come to know that the sole reason why God blesses us is not because of us but because of His kingdom and because of humanity. When you make enough contributions towards the development of others then life automatically places you on a high pedestal- it's automatic!
As we go about, in the spirit of the season and as we go through life, let's seek the ultimate good of others and before you know it, you would have achieved and surpassed your personal goals.
P.S. Yejide, you make my world complete and am not ashamed or afraid to shout it on the rooftop that I LOVE YOU


Bolorunduro said...

make i get your number now.
You just remove us from setting.

Kamal Oyedunle said...

@ bolorunduro.

Mallam, how are u doing? How is Kano and your MBA? You accused me of removing you from setting, you have not been fair either. Well, takia and reach me on 08026113005.

empower yourself said...

Bishop thanks for sharing this timeless truth withus. reinforcing it will make us act with it. we shall get our reward if we faint not.

oluyemi Adeosun