Sunday, February 18, 2007


The weekend has been productive for me. Yesterday, myself and some of my very good friends had a meeting in a restaurant that has become a favorite for me and my fiance. The subject of our discussion? A thought that has been on my thought and that actually influenced my last post.

We spent quality time talking about how we can become agents of change, how we can positively affect this nation, the continent and the world. We talked about how we can burst out hunger from this land (of course we met at Hungerbusters). Our position was upon the fact that we believe that the reason why GOD IS BLESSING US IS NOT BECAUSE OF US.

"Life is not about duration but donation"

We have made up our minds that even if it will take the last drop of our bloods, we will continully use all God's resources available at our disposal to make positive impacts.

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Bolorunduro said...

The Bishop! eku faaji o!