Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gratitude Matters

Thank God it's Friday! As we go to enjoy the weekend, I have my good buddy (Ugonna) by my side; he came in today all the way from the Garden city, I just thought about gratitude and felt like blogging about it.
I know that you are not yet what you are supposed to be, but, have you also noted that you are not what you used to be? There will be many reasons for you to count as small, the various tender mercies of God but dont be deceived. Gratitude prepares you to receive more, it's an acknowledgement that you are actually being helped by the big Boss upstairs.
As you go about this weekend, I encourage you to think about how you have been saved from a disaster, healed of a disease and more. This morning while going to work, I would have had an accident, but He kept me, He deserves the praise.
What do you think?

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Calabar Gal said...

He certainly does. I hope you had a lovely weekend devoid of any more accidents and full of more gratitude, mercies and grace.

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