Thursday, January 25, 2007

My many questions for Nigerian leaders 2

5. When will the long queues disappear from our gas stations?
6. When will poverty stop driving noble citizens to barbaric acts? Imagine the recent pipeline expolsion.
7. When will our educational institutions stop being war colleges? No thanks to cultism
8. When will supposed honorable men stop engaging in ignoble acts, like keeping voters registration machine in the house and taking the mace away from the sacred national assembly?
9. When will extortion stop being a part of the Nigerian Police's Curriculum?
10. When will the Niger Delta youths stop their unrest, because they have been unfairly treated?
As I continue to write, I discover that there are more questions than answers, it therefore behoves the individual that will be seeking an elective office come 2007 to count the cost. Enough of making the Nigerian state a big contract where everyone just come to take his own share.
We are standing up to our responsibility!

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