Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My many qestions for Nigerian Leaders Pt 1

As we begin a new year and prepare for the forthcoming elections, methinks this is the best time to ask our incumbent and aspiring leaders some pertinent questions; so that the latter will come to terms with enormous taks ahead of him and the former will check the scorecard and know how well he has fared.
It never ceases to bother me why a nation as blessed as my dear nation could still be so stressed and except our leaders and indeed all Nigerians answer the following questions, our dream of a better Nigeria could be one step further. Does this mean that I have lost confidence in the Nigeria State? Obviously No! I believe so much in this country that I even blogged about the "Nigeria of my dreams", but a stitch in time they say saves nine. Our leaders have sown to the wind and we are now reaping the whirlwind of all sorts of menace, it has grown so bad that the"son of a butcher, who should have access to all sorts of meats is now left with the only option of eating bones" ( Native Nigerian adage).
1. When will the average Nigerian be proud that he is from this country?
2. When will power outage and shortage be a thing of the past?
3. When will Nigerians stop rejoicing and dancing all about because they have what should naturally be theirs?
4. When will holding elective offices, stop being a route to syphoning our collective funds?

These and many other quetions are boiling in my heart.

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