Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Sweetheart

I think I am atoning for 40 days absence, because I had already posted 2 articles today alone. Still at work, I had been so quiet today for most of the time but thinking about my fiancee ( did I hear you say what?); yea! I have been thinking so much about her that I made up my mind to blog about her. May be it was the article I read on Chairman's blog earlier in the day that was responsible for setting me on a romantic tune, I dont know, I just know am thinking about the one I have chosen to call MT.
may not share details of how we met and all that with you now, but I promise to blog about that very soon, just stay glued to this blog. I have always believed that a prudent wife is from God and my darling is not an exception (though we are not married), her good deeds trail her and her overwhelming virtues are apparent to all.
Ebunoluwafunmi( the name I have chosen to call her, because she is indeed a gift from God), am blessed to have you as mine. I cant wait to have you in my house!


@biola.com said...

Are you engaged?

'Fiyinfoluwa said...

Hmn...this is so touching and I'm so sure MT is proud of her man. Good one Kamal, at least, set the pace for African men and Nigerian men in particular, to openly air their appreciation of their wives or fiancees as the case may be. And, let this virtue trail on into your marriage. I particularly like the saying 'treat a woman like a queen and you'll be her king' cuz it really is very true.