Wednesday, December 06, 2006


1st October 1960, rings a bell in the mind of the average Nigerian more than the most

popular nursery rhyme; the reason is not far fetched, that was the day Nigeria attained

Independence, my dear Nation was declared free from the hands of her task masters.

Inspite of the foregoing truth, a question never ceases to bother my heart, is Nigeria

truly free?

Time and space would restrain me from giving a detailed picture of how well our dear

nation has fared in the last 46 years of her independence, but, Wouldn’t fail to chronicle

some really mind bogging events and happenings that shook Nigeria to her foundation;

I will do that just to refresh our memories and also to lay a very good foundation for my

the joy of our dear Nation was cut short; no thanks to the dastardly military incursion

That led to the death of several notable Nigerian.

An occurrence that will forever linger in the memory of every Nigerian, is the civil war

which was engendered by the threats of a particular region to secede from the blessed

Whole-Nigeria. What was left after the war could only be captioned by the popular phrase

sorrow, tears and blood, and what a huge relief it was when the war ended early 1970,

with the feuding parties declaring, " No victor, No vanquished"

Many had thought that the Civil war had nailed the coffin of all that is called within the

Nigerian entity, but, as the military continued to wield power at will, the situation worsened.

A brief democratic stint, could do nothing to improve the lot of our dear country, what

many had thought would be the grapevine was tagged Hope 93; Nigerians went to the

Polls in what was regarded as the freest and fairest election to have held in the country.

Just as the National Electoral Commission( NEC) was about announcing the results of

the election, a monster hijacked the ballot boxes and went into the wilderness with them,

the Philanthropist that won the election was denied! All the that happened are now history

but it's difficult to forget the lessons we learnt, before our Maradonic General stepped

aside with all gorgeous pomp.

The Interim National Government, the government of the late General, the short stay of

the now thickly bearded man from the power state, all left us with more questions than

answers. The present dispensation, now in its seventh year has done some things, but,

how well have we fared as a nation? Our leaders have sown to the wind and we are now

reaping the whirl wind of collapsed buildings, air crashes, killings and murders, rebellious

attacks and a great economic down turn, but, is Nigeria forever doomed?

I belong to the breed of Nigerians who can see far and well through the eyes of faith;

Nigeria is never doomed. Our financial fortune that has turned upside down is so

positioned, so that it can turn right side up. I see the transition of the present Nigeria

into that we've long dreamt of , I see a Nigeria where the Pound Sterling will be at par with

the Naira as it was at a time. I see a Nigeria that will receive standing ovations among the

comity of nations and as such become the cynosure of all eyes and the centre of attract

ion. I see a Nigeria where foreigners would be refused entry visas due to high influx of

people from all race; a Ngeria that will require some of the Oyinbos to do some of the

menial jobs around.

You had better sound a note of warning to the US-the economic might, please tell Japan-

the technological might to watch out for the emergence of a new Nigeria from the crucible

of divine process. As we await the glorious arrival of the Nigeria of our dreams, lets

continue to lend prayers for its actualization. It will surely happen!

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"It will surely happen"
Ase o, Ase edumare