Tuesday, December 05, 2006


It's possible you have often heard that " a rubber band comes into its full potential when stretched" that's been my story in the last 40 days, it was so bad that I couldnt even post an article on my blog since then.
During this period, the thoughts of quitting had flashed through my mind a million times and more, I had sincerely felt like leaving the uncertain for the certain, even though I know that the future lies in the "uncertain"; I had been stretched beyond limits.
Even though it looked like the world would come to an abrupt end , but, I found solace. I took solace in the word of God, and in the word of wise men, one of such men is Obafemi Awolowo.
He said " blessed be sorrows, blessed be hardships and trials, for all these make a man" I have found this to be true in many respect, because every title must be defended and woe to you if you are not strong enough on the day of the battle (sounds strange?).
Thank God, am back blogging, hope to give you some gists and encouragement about my experiences in due time. On a lighter note I saw the blog of Donald Duke, Governor of Cross River state and was very impressed, it shows that blogging is fast becoming accepted in Nigeria, your Excellency Sir, keep Blogging!

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you blog looks so cool, you'll have to give me some tips maybe i'll be encouraged to migrate to beta blogger. i justs added you as a link on my blog mail me when you do the same