Monday, October 16, 2006

What is the stature of your dreams? conclusion

In the course of my journey on this checkered pavement of mortality, I have come to discover that there exists a very strong reason why there is so much inequality amongst men- The size of their dreams. The few days I stayed back at home afforded me a rare but rich opportunity to think, meditate and ponder on this subject matter again.
A man that will not exercise his imaginative muscles, is a man thet will not go too far, all good things of life exist because good men saw well ahead of time and brought them into being. In my circle, it is a common saying that a future you can not picture, you can not feature.
This is an attempt to nudge you to dream again, your future lies in the pictures you paint in your heart today. While am in the support of the fact that you dream, another thing that determines how far you go is the stature of your dreams. Give wings to your dream- No holds barred! dream wild, for it was wild that metals can fly and defer gravitational pull, but, Orville and Wilbur dreamt, thank God, Edison, Ford, Faraday were wild enough in their dreams.
Civilizatiion is hinged upon the wild dreams of men, so, look beyond the Ozone of the natural, see far and well enough, for then will you discover the power to turn dreams into realities.
I see you making it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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