Friday, October 13, 2006

What is the stature of your dreams? Pt1

What’s the stature of your dreams?

I was away from work for 3 days; no thanks to a bout of fever that threatened to snuff life out of me, but, all thanks to God the sustainer of every life on this side of the divide. Those 3 days where days when my physical strength was really at a low, but, what I lacked in physical strength, I made up for by fully utilizing my mental strength had enough time to think, dream, take stocks and evaluate and I will like to share one of my thoughts with you.

When growing up in primary and early secondary school, I was taught that there are 8 basic characteristics of all living things, captured by the acronym MR NIGER D, which is

M for Movement

R for Respiration

N for Nutrition

I for Irritability

G for Growth

E for Excretion

R for Reproduction

D for Death

Over the years, I have heard of additions, modifications and all, but, one thing still holds true- all living things share basic characteristics. But have you ever come to ask yourself this question? If all living things share common characteristics, why the difference in status, civilization and development?

Don't bother your head with why human beings are not on the same pedestal with animals, though they share common characteristics, rather ponder on the fact that all human beings share common characteristics and from the same descent, yet, inequality exists in every tribe, tongue and race. Why this Inequality? why do men differ? (To be continued.)

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