Sunday, October 01, 2006



October 3rd, 2006

I have had juicy offers of travelling abroad a couple of times, but, something wouldnt just allow me - my passion for my country. While it’s fashionable to run away from our country, I am still of the opinion that the best is yet to come. I wouldnt like to cumber you with stories today that Nigeria is celeberating her independence but I will like to leave with you the following words- engrave them on the tablets of your heart and be rest assured that it will happen one day very soon. THE NIGERIA OF MY DREAMS I have a dream, a dream so strong that it brings with it a conviction deep down, I see a new Nigeria, a Nigeria where the Pound Sterling will be at par with the Naira, I see Nigeria roads void of destitute and urchins. I see a Nigeria where it will be unpopular to have electricity for 365 days, I see, I see, Yes I see. That Nigeria will be great again is not a cliche. My dream makes me pray for my country daily, if you believe with me that Nigeria will be great again, there is no better time for us to pray, esppecially as the petulant politicians begin to jostle for the 2007 elections. I see my dreams coming true very soon.



bros i share your dreams also about nigeria.i have never been thrilled about travelling out also.pls lets learn a clue from kamal that we can make this happen here

Ariiyike said...

I share your passion for our great country Nigeria. I pray the Change comes soonest, but sometimes i wonder if hoping for a change is not chasing the wind?