Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rejoice! Part 1

I will like to share 3 grueling experiences with you, though they are not things that happened to me, but these incidences have shaped my outlook towards life. Here they are:

1. It's exactly One year and one month today; I was still serving my fatherland in far away Delta State. 1st February will forever remain fresh in my memories, that was the day Batch A 2005 Corps Members passed out. Prior to that day, there was a lot of merry making in the air, people rejoicing; it was such a wonderful experience.
These guys had reasons to rejoice ; they have served Nigeria for 12 Months and its now time for them to serve themselves, make money and live large. Though I was not passing out on that,but, I was at the Arcade Ground along Nnebisi Road, Asaba the venue of the Passing -out -Parade.
Youth Corps Members from all Local Government Areas in the state began to troop in and it was a happy reunion for many as they didn't see in the space of those 12 months; embraces, kisses, hugs characterized the setting for the day, but all of a sudden cold jitters were sent down our spines....................... To be continued.


rethots said... wonder someone said; "Make all the friends you can; Keep all the friends you make; and when you meet a stranger, give his hand a hearty shake. For of all the countless gifts which in time may come our way, there'll be nothing as precious as the friends we make today."

empower yourself said...


You are trully an inspiration

yemi adeosun