Friday, March 02, 2007

Rejoice! Part 2

..................... Yea! cold jitters were sent down our spines as news began to filter in, that some Corps Members coming to State Capital from Warri had been involved in an accident, before long, we got the wind that this was not only true but that two graduating Corps Members had lost their lives. What a calamity! This particular incidence left me with several questions which have helped pattern the way I react to situations and circumstances. Let me share some of those questions with you: 1. Why didn't these guys die when they were born, when they were in secondary schools or probably when they were in the University, why should it be now?
2. Does it mean that God must be so cruel to have allowed this at this point?
3. Why do bad things happen to good people ?

Many more questions.

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rethots said...

...'d rather not question,
but, live each day to
fulfill a purpose.