Monday, April 14, 2008

The New Face of Wealth

What wealth is not?

  • It is neither money nor paychecks
  • It has nothing to do with acquisitions
  • Its neither riches nor possessions
  • It is not a university degree
  • It is neither carnal nor spiritual
  • It is not demonic

Think About these

  • What was the budget for creation?
  • How did Solomon become the richest man that ever lived?
  • Does a university or polytechnic degree guarantee wealth?

If God does not print pounds and dollars then He must have a medium of exchange!

The Trend

  • The agrarian economy – crop farming, livestock production, hunting etc.
  • The industrial revolution – manufacturing, food processing, machine fabrication, scientific inventions and discoveries etc.
  • Technological advancement – telecommunication, computers, software development, robots etc.

And now…

The skillful generation

  • God did not create stupid people
  • Every being has at least a skill
  • Men of skills rule the world
  • Wisdom, knowledge, understanding, abilities and understanding are embedded in skills

INFORMATION – The principal thing

The information era is such that every man has the capacity to learn and unlearn. It is a process that must continue if we must remain relevant in this generation. It takes hard work and diligence.

The worth of a man is what he knows and how he applies his knowledge to get wealth

The challenge is to learn, learn and learn


  • Learning is a process of failing forward; affecting the physical, emotional and mental faculties.

  • Memorization affects only the mental faculty; keeping facts and figures and storing certain chosen data in our brains.

Practical applications


  • An eaglet learns to soar by jumping, falling and flapping of wings.
  • A baby learns to walk by falling and rising

(It affects the physical, emotional and mental faculties)


  • When 2 plus 2 is not 4, you have failed. What next? Punishment!
  • When you graduate with a pass then you are termed a failure!

The Challenge

Information is readily available in this age and it takes diligence to search and acquire the desired knowledge coupled with hands-on experience required to process it into wealth.


      • seek knowledge
      • process knowledge
      • invest knowledge

Specimen - Daniel

  • Skillful in literature
  • Understood by books
  • Gave wise counsels by knowledge
  • Recommended based on excellence
  • Served four terms in office by the effective use of information
  • Projected into the future by information

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