Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Lessons I learnt at the Abeokuta Stadium

Don't think my blog has suddenly become a football (Soccer) blog, last weekend I decided to chill out and relax a bit, knowing that Saturday was Nigeria's crunchy match against the Cranes of Uganda. I saw it also has an opportunity to see my Parents and siblings since the match was taking place at Abeokuta where my Parents stay.
Before setting out, I had called Zico (my younger brother, a 400Level Law Student of the prestigious OAU) to get the ticket for me, since I wasn't ready for any hassles. Before I left Lagos for Abeokuta, he called me that he already got the ticket, so I took my journey down to the city under the rock.
I discovered when I got to Abeokuta that Zico had bought the ticket for the so called "Popular Side" I decided to just stay there and enjoy the match, especially because the tickets had gone out of sale. But the experience I had watching the match at the popular side, informed this piece.
I endured the most cruel 90 minutes of my life watching that match, aside the lackluster performance of the Super Eagles; watching a football match from the popular side is an experience I wouldn't pray for again. I entered dry and neat into the stadium but left wet and dirty; no thanks to the missiles thrown at will by the fans. The reason is not far-fetched, the popular side was so filled up, that there was no space at all.
In the midst of all these, I had several thoughts running through my mind.

To be continued.

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