Friday, December 15, 2006

Thanks For Making My Year.

Kamal and Rev Mrs Dele George( founder Little Saints Orphanage)

Recently, I was just thinking about those who have made my 2006 very memorable, am talking about those who have divided my pains and multipied my joy. To me, 2006 was very testy, there were times I cried (yes!), there were times I was hit below the belt, there were times when situations and circumstances threatened to impeach the veracity of God's Precious Promises for me, I lost some things but gained several other things.
I will like to make a quick list of all those who have touched my life with their act of kindness, some went into the over- drive just to save my face, some endured inconveniences because they thought they owe God a responsibility of taking care of me. To all of you, I will like to say a very big thank you, peradventure I forget to make mention of your name here, forgive me , you know we are humans? Here I go!

The Divine Members Of The Trinity- I dont know what life would have been without the undying love of the Father of all lights, the comfort of His Spirit and His word. Thank you dear father.
Prince & Mrs Oyedunle- My dear parents, your understanding has been second to none, I pray for good health for you both, you will enjoy the fruits of your laour.

Alo Y.C- I lack words to say, but more will be said later, you mean so much to me.

Adeolu Akinyemi- I will live to thank God for the privilege of meeting this genius, Chairman, thanks for investing your time and resources in my development. Your type is uncommon, any time I think about the rarity of your ingenuity, I just conclude in my heart that "some mothers do have them"

NCCF DELTA- Thanks for the opportunity to serve, though things went wrong, but I believe there are sweeter memories. I cant begin to mention all your names, but you are all in my heart.

Ali Obaje- My Papa, your words were vital at my decision making hour, thanks for being a true leader, I believe we will meet and celebrate together soon.

Adeyemi Omolade- hhm! Many thanks to you, I met you at a time I was about losing focus of the ultimate vision and you helped re-aligned my focus, thanks for introducing me to that small book; it made all the difference.

Oshunkeye Oluwatobiloba- Brother, dont mind the fact that I disappointed you in a way but, I believe we still have alot to do together. Recently, I was thinking about the person that will give the toast on my wedding day and you scored a point more than Ugonna, I pray we'll see that day come. I know you didnt forget our escapades together at Saipem.

David-Bernard Ugonna- Prayoo-Rugged, you were always on my neck, we laughed , fought, prayed and did so many things togther, cant wait to have you and Chi as family friends.

Bro. Gbile Akanni- That small book introduced to me by Omolade made all the difference, I was about leaving the service year hopeless, when I got my courage fired up by reading through the pages of " Why sit we here till we die". Though Unknown to you, you have helped a destiny. Olaoye Johnson- Saino, thanks for furnishing me with those details; they helped in my decision. I love you.

Ajo Martin- You have touched me deeply with your kind heartedness, you touched my life when it mattered most.

Generis Solution- A family of some sort, hope you will forgive for not mentioning names, but a big thanks to everyone for continously setting one another on the professional edge.

Omolola Ajibola- Thanks for sharing 4 memorable years with me, thanks for your love and care, I believe God for you as you step into another phase of your life.

Nyebe Simon, Oyinlola Oke and Ifebajo Yetunde- I know it will be said of us that we did our best. You guys are simply the best I have seen arround, many times you left Agbor, Ogwashi-Uku and Akwukwu-Igbo respectively to Asaba, just to make your life count,and you sure did. Thanks a million. Very soon, I forsee a us dining together, in celebration of our successes.

Let me take a break for now, I will surely make another post soon to thank more and more people, for how could I forget Ola Daramola, Sarah Miller, Fadeyi Akeem et al.


Mama Duck said...

Oh, how sweet of you. We need more posts like this in blogland. We also participated in this project, stop on by if you get a chance!

Ashish Mohta said...

Great Post.I am feeding your blog.

I too participated in thsi contest.Just waiting for darren to put it on is post said...

I dey jelous o. I am not in your hall of fame, what must i do to qualify now or is it too late

anyway this was an interesting one i'm considering taking it upon myself to do something close to this soon