Saturday, December 09, 2006

Rules of the garage

Just before you say Thank God It's Friday!, take a look at this, Biola just forwarded a mail to me now, I found the content a good source of inspiration for Team building and effectiveness. I would advice that you just digest the little doses, sleep with the words over the weekend and go to work on monday with a renewed sense of a team player. Have a blessed and fun filled weekend.

Believe you can

change the world

Work quickly

keep the tools unlocked

work whenever.

Know when to work alone

and when to work together

Share tools,

share ideas,

trust your colleagues

No politics,

no bureaucracy,

these are ridiculous

in the garage

The customer

defines a job well done,

radical ideas

are not bad ideas

Invent different ways of working

make a contribution everyday

If it does not contribute,

it does not leave the garage

Believe that together

we can do anything


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Ariiyike said...

nice one.
Who is Biola? imagine i don't know who he is.
Please try put something that describes whoever you are referring to.
You really are consistent in updating your blog.