Friday, December 22, 2006

.............and the world keeps coming......

My company is closing for the year today,so I consider today a unique opportunity to take stocks for the year. I discovered that one of the greatest goods that happened to me this year is that of being introduced to blogging. I remembered when I started with no experience, I decided to make my voice heard all over the world.
It's been just four months, but, am a very happy man today because my dream is on its way to fruition. My blog without had enjoyed viewership from all the continents of the voice is truly been heard. My thoughts no doubt has influenced someone as close Ghana, Uganda and South Africa to someone as far as India, China and Australia; and it's good to know that the journey had just begun.
I intend to devote a larger chunk of my time and energy to blogging in 2007, I intend to help the people and the nations; bringing timely words of encouragement and comfort to them. On a final note I wish to congratulate all Nigerian bloggers and indeed all bloggers of the world, urging us to take the creative plane next year.

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